Why is this happening?


We trust the stories and resources we have provided have helped you answer the question, "Why is this happening?”.  Now, you may find yourself asking, "What do I do now?”.  Listed below is a series of steps intended to guide you through the next chapter of your journey.

Relationship with Jesus Christ:

If you haven't already, we urge you to seek a relationship with Jesus Christ: 

Discover your Special Assignment:

You are not alone; God is here to help you.
 In the midst of your heartache, God is reaching out to develop a deeper relationship with you.
 In time the challenge you are facing can work for your good.
God has a unique plan for your life that is different from anyone else’s. 
You have a choice to make; you can shake your fist at heaven or follow God’s direction for your life, a journey we call your Special Assignment.

Embrace your Special Assignment:

Your Special Assignment is a process; be prepared to change now and in the future.
When you are ready and willing, it is important to share your life experience and help others during their time of heartache. 
As you discover your Special Assignment, please send us your story at (hyperlink).


Your life is about to be changed. As you step into your Special Assignment, you will define your life's legacy. As you discover your purpose you will find hope returning and that good days are still ahead.  Remember, you are not alone!