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Craig: My Story
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Craig: My Story

Craig describes his journey as a prodigal son in an article, "Craig: My Story." In the article, he answers questions regarding the circumstances that led him to turn away from Christ and the events that ultimately brought him home.

He was raised as a "PK" (pastor's kid) but walked away from his faith upon entering the Navy as a young adult. He describes a season in his life where he believed that God existed but was no longer relevant in his life.  Eventually, he met a fellow sailor and befriended him. The sailor was a Christian and became an integral part in Craig's turning his life around. He shares that he was positively influenced by this friend's nonjudgmental attitude towards him as they had candid conversations regarding Craig's lack of faith.

Just as the prodigal son in Scripture, Craig returned home to the faith of his childhood. He became a pastor and discovered his Special Assignment by counseling other prodigals during seasons of rebellion. Craig has influence in their lives because he walked the same path and can understand the pain that is caused by poor choices. Craig's advice to parents struggling with teenage rebellion is to avoid legalism and rules and instead show your genuine love for Christ and your family. Craig's complete story was published by prodigalplace.com, and can be found by clicking the link below.

What do I do now?

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