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Depression in the Christian Family
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Depression in the Christian Family

In the article, "Depression in the Christian Family," Karen Morgan candidly shares her family's struggle with depression. The early years of marriage were happy for Karen and her husband, Earle. God had blessed them with three daughters and they both served in the ministry, Earle as a senior pastor and Karen in the music ministry.  

Their happiness was short-lived as Earle began struggling with depression after dealing with several family tragedies. Also as a minister, he was frequently asked to counsel people who were struggling with crises, but over time he began to feel overwhelmed with the gravity of their challenges. Things got to the point where Karen and Earle recognized that he needed help and consulted a psychiatrist who provided both counseling and prescription antidepressant medications.

In the article, Earle openly reveals the spiritual challenge he faced, where he found it difficult to pray or read his Bible during the darkest periods. He wondered why God allowed this depression in his life. 

Karen and Earle's journey with depression has had its share of highs and lows. Through it all, they learned to draw strength from one another and remained committed to building a strong marriage.

Their Special Assignment arose through sharing Earle's story and helping others struggling with similar challenges. They point out that Christians often feel shame when diagnosed with depression, but Karen and Earle stress that chemical imbalances are often the cause of symptoms, not something to cause embarrassment.

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