Why is this happening?

Don’t give up: Miscarriage, My Story and Moving Forward
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Don’t give up: Miscarriage, My Story and Moving Forward

Alexandra's story is one of learning to trust in God's timing and as a self-described planner, she thought her life was going along on schedule. She had married the perfect man, had a beautiful daughter and was now planning for a second child. Alexandra quickly learned that God's plans don’t always coincide with our plans, as she miscarried her second child.

She struggled with the same questions most women ask after losing a baby; she asked why this happened and wondered if she had brought this upon herself. The sadness and grief she experienced eventually began to lessen with time and God's grace.

Alexandra shared how important the comfort was that she received from her husband, but even more important was the comfort from friends who had also miscarried a baby. She found that women who had faced the same challenge were able to understand the range of emotions that she faced.  Alexandra found a Special Assignment as she began to write her story. Her desire is to share with other women that the miscarriage experience is painful, but God is faithful and will lessen the pain in time.
If you, like Alexandra have experienced a miscarriage, we urge you to share your story. Your story may be just what someone else needs to hear in order to find hope.
You can read Alexandra's complete story, "Don't give up: Miscarriage, My Story and Moving Forward," published at  thechristianblonde.com, by clicking the link below.

What do I do now?

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