Why is this happening?

Full Circle With God
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Full Circle With God

In the article, "Full Circle With God,"  Amy Mulvaney shares her struggle with grief after losing a baby to miscarriage. Amy describes the sadness she felt and candidly shares the difficulty of being near pregnant women due to her overwhelming desire to hold and rock her own baby. 

She found some strength in friendship with another woman who also had experienced a miscarriage; together they could understand how each other was feeling.  Eventually, Amy began to find peace through Christ and became a mother after giving birth to a healthy baby boy.  

A short time later, Amy was excited to learn that she was expecting again. Unfortunately, her joy was short-lived, and she miscarried again. While struggling for answers, she also questioned how did this happen again?  

The realization that her babies are in heaven helped her through the sad days, coupled with the reassurance that she will see them again. Amy has found a Special Assignment in leading a local chapter of Caleb Ministries, a ministry dedicated to bringing comfort to women who have lost their unborn children.

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What do I do now?

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