Why is this happening?

God Of Every Story: Behind The Song
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God Of Every Story: Behind The Song

In the video, "God of Every Story: Behind the Song," Laura Story shares how life challenges become our stories. We may not choose or even like "our stories"; however, Laura explains finding God’s unique plan and purpose for her life.  Laura Story's family faced a serious challenge when her husband, Martin Elvington, was diagnosed with brain cancer that ultimately required surgery, radiation, and physical therapy. When complications occurred, Laura learned that blessings can occur in the midst of our challenges, not just when the difficulties are behind us.
 There are times in each of our lives when we find ourselves walking through the valley. We encourage you to trust God's plan for your life and find ways to help others who may be facing a similar challenge.

To learn more about Laura Story and her music, we encourage you to visit her website at http://laurastorymusic.com. To listen to the lyrics to her song, "God of Every Story," click on the link below.

What do I do now?

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