Why is this happening?

God’s Plan of Salvation
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God’s Plan of Salvation

God has given us a free gift: His only Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus willingly went to the cross and paid a high price for our salvation.  He died and came back to life again bringing with Him the gift of eternal life with the assurance that we have a home in Heaven.  
Unfortunately, sin began in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. They chose to believe a lie that they could be like God.  Because of this decision, they lost perfect fellowship with a loving God and caused all of mankind to be born into sin.  By one man, Adam, we are all sinners, but by One Man, Jesus, we are all saved. We can now return to that same fellowship that Adam had with God before sin entered the world.
In the article, “God’s Plan of Salvation,” by Bible.org, there is an explanation of how the sinful man (Adam) became separated from God, how we in our own works try to regain that fellowship with God but fall short, and how only Jesus can bridge the gap to our Heavenly Father. God has a Special Assignment for you to fulfill! It begins with receiving Jesus as your personal Savior and regaining that special fellowship with God.

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What do I do now?

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