Why is this happening?

Grand Rapids First Bible Reading Plan
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Grand Rapids First Bible Reading Plan

The Bible has a total of 66 books written by over 40 authors. It contains the words of God and how we can apply those words to our lives.

The Old Testament was completed approximately 140 years before Jesus was born.  Jewish Rabbis took God’s Word very seriously and developed a standard, or canon, to test the stories and form the Old Testament.
The New Testament was completed around 90 A.D. and was mostly in letter form. These letters were carried from town to town by people who actually knew Jesus to share the good news with others.  Unfortunately, false stories started surfacing after 90 A.D. that were not true to the testimony of Jesus Christ or His apostles. This caused the Church leaders to take action and make an official New Testament. Similarly to forming the Old Testament, the church leaders created a standard, or canon, to separate the true stories from the false. These standards included that it had to be from one of the apostles, it had to agree with what the early church apostles or leaders said about Jesus and it had to be a letter that was already being used in the church. By 200 A.D., the New Testament was formed and by 367 A.D., the church leaders declared it complete.  
Reading the Bible will help you in your daily walk with our Heavenly Father and will help reveal what your Special Assignment is. The Chronological Bible Study at the link below will guide you through God’s plan for salvation and his special plan for you.  

What do I do now?

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