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Grief-Finding Hope in the Darkness
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Grief-Finding Hope in the Darkness

Everyone experiences grief at some time in their lives. Grieving is a painful process that leaves you emotionally volatile and mentally confused. In this article, “Grief-Finding Hope in the Darkness,”  Paul David Tripp helps make sense out of what appears to make no sense at all. He points you towards a way to find hope, even as you feel swallowed up in darkness.  He offers step-by-step instructions on how to work through the grieving process and receive peace and hope.

Paul uses the death of a loved one as his example of one of life’s most difficult experiences. He explains how important it is to understand what you are experiencing and explores a few simple truths from the Bible that may help with your grieving journey. Peace can come in knowing that you are never alone. Paul explains that the best thing that ever happened on this earth came from the worst event ever, which was the death of Jesus Christ.

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