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Taryn Davis: A Dying Man Saved Her Life
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Taryn Davis: A Dying Man Saved Her Life

Taryn Davis shares her story in the article titled, "Taryn Davis: A Dying Man Saved Her Life."

Despite being raised by Christian parents, she felt like she didn't belong.  Taryn experienced feelings of rejection after discovering that her father was, in fact, an adoptive father. As she began to search for order and control in her life, she started turning to drugs and alcohol. When that wasn't enough, she began cutting herself and eventually found another avenue of control as she developed bulimia.  

Her life started to turn around after a friend died in a car accident. She dealt with the question of "why" and came to the realization that any of our lives could end unexpectedly. She enrolled in a Bible college thinking that would be the solution to her problems, but unfortunately she began spending time with old friends and old habits crept back into her life.

The life-changing moment for Taryn occurred after meeting a man who was terminally ill. Despite his illness, he was able to maintain a positive attitude and had a close relationship with God. Taryn then decided she too wanted an authentic relationship with Christ.

She is now free of addictions and shares her story to help others who find themselves in similar circumstances. Taryn's complete story is published by CBN.com, and can be read by clicking the link below.

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