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Jennifer Rothschild’s Blind Faith
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Jennifer Rothschild’s Blind Faith

In the article, "Jennifer Rothschild's Blind Faith," published by CBN.com, Jennifer Rothschild shares how she began to lose her sight as a teenager. After trying stronger prescription glasses and multiple visits with optometrists and specialists, she was eventually diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease. The disease was incurable, and Jennifer lost most of her sight before graduating from high school.

While tested by this disease, Jennifer turned to her faith in Christ. She was raised by Christian parents and had been attending church since she was a little girl. Jennifer chose to trust that God still had a unique plan for her life. 

She began playing the piano and came to realize that "It is Well with My Soul" was more than just a song to her.  Her musical talent led her not only to lead worship but to record CDs as well. She has been a guest speaker at many women's events throughout the country and has authored several books including "Lessons I Learned in the Dark" and "God is Just Not Fair."

While she didn't choose her Special Assignment, she embraced it and has used her talents to help others who find themselves in difficult circumstances. Jennifer's story has truly been an inspiration to countless women showing that through Christ, even the darkest challenge can be triumphant. To learn more about Jennifer Rothschild, we encourage you to visit her website at jenniferrothschild.com.

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