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Mike Benson: The Makings of a Conqueror
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Mike Benson: The Makings of a Conqueror

As a young man, Mike Benson struggled with anger and began experimenting with drugs and alcohol in an attempt to control his emotions. In the article, “Mike Benson: The makings of a Conqueror,” published at CBN.com, Mike Benson shares his life-changing experience of finding God while in a prison cell.
Mike robbed a bank at age 16 and spent 5 years in jail, only to find himself in trouble again several years later. He had become frustrated with difficulties in his job search and resumed old friendships that led him down the path of facing another jail term. While serving time, Mike found freedom through Christ as his faith grew while attending worship services and Bible studies. Instead of serving a life sentence, he was eventually paroled after prison officials saw the changes in his life.
After release from prison, Mike discovered his Special Assignment and currently travels as an evangelist performing strength demonstrations. He serves as the leader of The Conquerors, a group dedicated to spreading the gospel of Christ while performing in schools, churches, prisons and public events.  To find out more about them, we invite you to visit The Conquerors website.

To read Mike's complete story, "Mike Benson: The makings of a Conqueror," click on the link below.

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