Why is this happening?

My Miscarriage {a story of loss, grief and a miracle}
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My Miscarriage {a story of loss, grief and a miracle}

Bridgette's story is one of heartache and joy. She was nine weeks pregnant when she experienced bleeding and cramping and eventually passed a tiny baby. At the hospital, she was preparing to have a D&C when her mother cautioned her to have an ultrasound before the procedure was performed. To everyone's surprise, Bridgette discovered she had been carrying twins and one of the babies was still alive.

She not only experienced the sorrow of miscarrying a tiny baby but the joy of realizing that a twin sister was still alive. She describes wondering why this happened and has came to the realization that she won't discover the answer until she gets to heaven. As a Christian, Bridgette has the assurance that she will see and hold her tiny daughter again. 

Bridgette had a Special Assignment, she shared her miscarriage story with the goal of helping other women who find themselves in similar situations. If you, like Bridgette, have had a miscarriage, please consider sharing your story at the "Why is This Happening" website. Your story may be just the encouragement someone else needs!

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