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Nearing Home
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Nearing Home

“Are you willing to be used by God regardless of being bound by physical ailments, financial constraints, or the loneliness of growing old?”  From Nearing Home by Billy Graham.

For many people, retirement means an ending, says Evangelist Billy Graham, mainly because of the feelings of loss of purpose, loneliness, and depression associated with transitioning from working to no longer working at a job. Graham’s most important advice in Nearing Home is to look for God’s will in your retirement.


He suggests three ways God might use for your guidance:

1. Consider your situation: your physical and/or financial health, your attitude about work.

2. Consider your spouse: changes will be made in your relationship.

3. Consider the pitfalls: depression, feeling useless, fear of the future.


Citing Paul as an example, Graham points out that God still has work to do for those who are “retired”. Though close to the end of his life, Paul gives good counsel in Philippians 3 and 4. Despite the same restraints today’s retirees might feel, Paul urged the readers of his letters to press onward without ceasing.

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