Why is this happening?

Sandy Day
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Sandy Day

Sandy Day is no stranger to the disappointment a woman feels after a pregnancy loss. As a young woman, during a period of rebellion, she found herself pregnant and unmarried. At the time, it seemed that abortion would be the answer to her problem. Years later, she was married and eight months pregnant when she was given the heart-wrenching report that the baby had died in her womb. Sandy was filled with grief and in time, learned that she needed to give her pain to God.

Sandy's story includes post-abortion grief, heartache from miscarriage and the disappointment from infertility. Eventually, she did become a mother and God began to use her to help other women struggling with heartache. She went on to start Caleb Ministries and together with her husband, Craig Day, ministers to grieving women suffering from grief after a pregnancy loss. Sandy speaks at women's conferences and leads Bible studies in the Charlotte, NC area. Despite her pain and grief, Sandy found a Special Assignment offering hope and encouragement to women who find themselves facing similar challenges.

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What do I do now?

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