Why is this happening?

6 Ways to Conquer a Scary Diagnosis
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6 Ways to Conquer a Scary Diagnosis

 Dave Stults: I am that guy. In late 2009, I began to have shortness of breath and other symptoms that caused me to go to my family doctor.  After countless visits to a Pulmonologist, lab tests, diagnostic radiology procedures and biopsies, the initial diagnosis was potentially terminal.  My wife and I went to the Mayo Clinic for what we hoped would be a different opinion.  Our worst fears were confirmed as Mayo confirmed the local diagnosis.  I was and still am functioning on about 30-40% of normal lung volume.

The article, "6 Ways to Conquer a Scary Diagnosis," published by webmd.com  by Elizabeth Heubeck, resonates with me and may be helpful to you too.  There is clearly a process timeline of getting your head around a life-changing diagnosis.

Of particular interest to me, relative to the question you may be asking, "Why is this happening?", Is where your focus lies.  You can only change what you can change; beyond that, a life of faith-filled living is the difference-maker.  If you allow this challenging time to draw you closer to God, to His son Jesus Christ, you will discover a transformation in your heart that helps you filter the world through His eyes.  We all have things we are walking through, every single one of us!  As you walk through that discovery, your personal issue may be worse or less threatening to what others are living with.  It becomes irrelevant as you focus on how you can help others realize they are not alone. God has not forgotten any of us and wants a deeper relationship with you.  I encourage you to let God soften your heart and use your life as a living story of how God can make beauty out of ashes.

To read the article, "6 Ways to Conquer a Scary Diagnosis," click on the link below.

What do I do now?

We trust the stories and resources we have provided have helped you answer the question, "Why is this Happening?" You may find yourself asking, "What do I do now?" We invite you to click the link below to access steps which will guide you through the next chapter of your journey.

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