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Sexual Abuse Victor Offers Hope for Victims
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Sexual Abuse Victor Offers Hope for Victims

In the article,"Sexual Abuse Victor Offers Hope for Victims," Rusty Wright and Meg Korpi share Josh McDowell's story of child sexual abuse. 

Josh McDowell grew up in a family made up of an alcoholic father and a detached mother, giving opportunity for a male housekeeper to molest him. The abuse started when he was only a young boy and went on for several years until Josh was physically strong enough to withstand the abuse.

Deep wounds and anger had developed, contributing to mistrust of not only his parents and abuser, but also of God. In college, Josh was antagonistic to Christians and began a personal campaign to disprove the existence of God.  His search, however, brought him to Christ as he discovered a God that loved and cared for him. Josh went on to become a successful Christian activist and author with worldwide influence. 

Despite the success of his ministry, he guarded the secret for many years. In 2008, he began telling his family and close friends, who encouraged him to share his story to help other sexual abuse victims. His Special Assignment involved producing the documentary, "Undaunted," where he shares not only his childhood pain but also the hope and freedom he found through forgiveness. 

To find out more about Josh McDowell, we encourage you to visit his website at http://www.josh.org.  To read the complete article, "Sexual Abuse Victor Offers Hope for Victims," click on the link below.

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