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The Church and Mental Illness
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The Church and Mental Illness

In the article, "The Church and Mental Illness," Sheila Walsh openly talks about the difficult subject of depression. Christians, in particular, avoid the subject of depression, because they may be ashamed or feel like their faith isn't strong enough to overcome the darkness. Sheila is working hard to encourage people who struggle with depression and help them realize they are not alone. In the article, she talks about the heartache that affected her family after her father's suicide when she was just a young girl.

As an adult, she became a well-known Christian leader and served as a co-host on the Christian Broadcasting Network when she began to experience sadness. Over time, things became worse until she got to the point where she knew she could no longer function without help. Sheila found herself as a patient in a psychiatric hospital and with the help of medication and counseling, she began to feel better.

Eventually, she was able to return to her normal life. In the article, she expresses gratitude for her treatment with the realization that the while the symptoms can be controlled, she is not cured. She continues to follow a treatment regimen.

Sheila can be seen performing a Special Assignment as she openly shares her story on television and at various speaking engagements.  She has written a book, titled "Honestly," where she discusses her painful journey through depression. To learn more about Sheila Walsh, we encourage you to explore her website at http://sheilawalsh.com.

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