Why is this happening?

Turning Pain into Power
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Turning Pain into Power

When Linda Sommer lost her husband, Jamie, in a car accident, she suddenly became a widow and single parent to three children. In her article for Charisma magazine, “Turning Pain into Power,” Linda discusses the debilitating experience. She describes periods in which grief, abandonment and sorrow so overwhelmed her that she would disappear into her bedroom for long periods of time, simply to weep. Although she had been a Bible study teacher herself, she was in such a state of despair that she struggled with the mechanics of putting her world back together. Looking at her children, Linda realized that she had taught her children about the power of God; now she needed to demonstrate it. Linda had led Bible studies about God’s healing power; now she had to walk it out. As she immersed herself in reading the Bible, she learned that God never intended her husband’s death to result in destruction for her. Like many others, she eventually discovered her tragedy could also be seen as a Special Assignment. In time, Linda founded Women of Destiny Ministries International, whose purpose is to reach out to widows and hurting women to help them find a new purpose in life. 

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