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What Suffering Tells Us About Ourselves
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What Suffering Tells Us About Ourselves

In the article, "What Suffering Tells Us About Ourselves," Earl Creps explores the biblical story of Job. Even though he was a man deemed righteous before God, Job experienced suffering through the heartache of losing his wealth, family members and his health. Job's story is well known for the judgmental attitudes of his friends, who tried to rationalize and explain the heartache by blaming Job himself for his trials.
Creps shares his belief that Job's attitude can parallel to our own attitudes, both toward God and the challenges we may be facing. Listed below are Crep’s four concepts from his article, "What Suffering Tells Us About Ourselves," published in the Pentecostal Evangel, April 25, 1993, edition.
1.  "I have an inner bill of rights."
Job was forced to make the decision to continue to trust God despite all the tragedy and heartache in his life.
2. "I demand fairness."
Job wrestled with the "Why"  question. Why would God allow these things to happen?
3. "I have tunnel vision."
Job was filled with anguish when faced with personal heartache. Prior to this, he had been aware of the suffering of others but the importance was now magnified.
4.  "I am loved unconditionally."
Job came to the point of acceptance and learning to trust God despite losing almost everything he cared about. God, in his infinite wisdom and grace, not only restored Job's original blessings, but increased them.
Undoubtedly when we face hard times, we will also wrestle with the question: "Why is this happening?”  As we learn to trust that God cares for us, we can rest assured that He has a purpose for our trial that will be revealed in His time.  
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