Why is this happening?

Positive Ways to Cope with Hardships
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Positive Ways to Cope with Hardships

Hardships often cause people to ask the question, “Why is this happening to me?”  The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has an outstanding article, "Positive Ways to Cope with Hardships," on their website listing nine strategies to help families who are going through a crisis or a difficult time.  

1. Acknowledge the fact that your family is going through a hard time. 
2. Don’t waste energy blaming one another. 
3. Work at being patient with one another. 
4. Be open and generous with affection for one another.
5. Talk to one another about anything and everything. 
6. Speak well about one another and to each other using this time to forge bonds and create a team.   
7. Take over household chores and roles for one another as needed. 
8. Release anger through exercise or meditation, not by arguing with one another. 
9. Find other ways to manage stress besides excessive sleeping, drugs or alcohol.
Although these ideas can be very helpful, we believe that only the power of God can enable you to incorporate them into your family during a crisis. Ask him to use your hardship to help your family become a stronger, united team.    
To read the complete article, "Positive Ways to Cope with Hardships," click on the link below.

What do I do now?

We trust the stories and resources we have provided have helped you answer the question, "Why is this Happening?" You may find yourself asking, "What do I do now?" We invite you to click the link below to access steps which will guide you through the next chapter of your journey.

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