Why is this happening?

With God, All Things are Possible! - Kathryn’s Story
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With God, All Things are Possible! - Kathryn’s Story

I was 19 years old and married when I was 5 months pregnant. I discovered there was a 10 lb. tumor (the size of a football) on my right ovary.

The tumor burst and I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 1c.

I was told if I aborted the baby, my chance for survival was at least 95%. If I kept the baby, they did not know what they could guarantee. I was 1 case in 50 in medical history at that point in time.

I was frightened and many people around me had their opinions on what I should do. I prayed and felt that I had lived 19 years and my child deserved a chance to live her life even if it meant I wouldn't be able to watch her grow up.

The doctors decided not to do chemo while I was pregnant. One month after having my daughter, I went in for another surgery for them to biopsy all my organs to see how much the cancer had spread. There was NO CANCER! I never had to have chemo!

They removed a small cyst the size of an egg on my left ovary and I begged them to leave in my other ovary if at all possible as I wanted more children. I have had a total of 4 more children on that one ovary. I had a complete hysterectomy when I was 32 y/o. Today, I celebrate 24 years of being cancer free and my story is a living miracle that God performed in my life.

There is a reason and a purpose for each soul and with God, all things are possible!

Story submitted by Kathryn.

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