Why is this happening?

I Can’t Change on My Own

“God can do the impossible, He literally changed my desires and I knew that was something I couldn't do myself."      -Adrian 

Adrian grew up in a Christian home. She knew ABOUT God, but didn’t know Him intimately. Away at college, she was given the ability to make her own choices and found herself making poor ones as she looked for love and acceptance. After college, she had her first real encounter with God and then spent five years living a double life, hiding in shame from her Christian friends and family, and living her life as she saw fit. Ultimately with God's help, she was able to turn her life around and live a life that honors Christ.


When Adrian was living apart from God, why couldn’t she change on her own?

She was living on her own, without any accountability.

She asked God to change her, but didn’t really mean it.
She felt shame from her sin, and it kept her from seeking the help she needed.

She had turned away from God's word and instead listened to the lies of her friends.


Four keys to Adrian’s ability to change:

Asking:  God are you real?
Worshipping:  Singing praise music to God.
Weeping:  Mourning over the things she had done that were wrong, and asking God to make her clean.
Connecting:  Finding a local Bible teaching church, building relationships with members there and giving them the opportunity to encourage her.
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"A person can only learn obedience when tempted to disobey, can only learn courage when tempted to flee" (110).




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