A Single Mom Saved By Grace

Back in November 2015, I welcomed my beautiful baby boy into this world. He was born a preemie at 34 weeks! I almost lost him twice due to a threatened miscarriage, but God was there to ensure that he made it safely into this world. I remember thinking back on how I felt that I could not have any children, but all things are possible with those who believe in the Lord.

Finding out the news of the pregnancy was something I will never forget! After bringing my son into the world, I came to the reality that I was now a single mom. With no financial help, a broken heart and unanswered questions, I sought the Lord on April 10, 2016. I not only needed to be saved; I needed some serious healing. How was I going to raise a child alone, pay rent on a salary intended for one person, and pay for milk and diapers? My answer came after asking Jesus to come into my heart and committing myself to the walk the Christian walk.

He gradually began to heal my heart and teach me forgiveness while supplying me with enough to ensure the survival of my son and me. He has blessed me in some truly supernatural ways, and I’m so thankful to know an awesome God. Miracles happen, and it is certain that this universe has a heavenly power source in which all things are possible! My faith has grown, and I can’t stop spreading the news to others on how loving, protecting and giving our God is.

If you don’t have a relationship with Christ, I promise you that if you begin one, your life will change and reach beautiful plateaus! God Bless You!

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A Single Mom Saved By Grace