How Do I Repair Brokenness?

How do I repair brokenness?

Have you ever wondered how to fix your brokenness once you realized you were broken? This is a question a lot of people have tried to figure out and have struggled to answer. When feeling broken, many talk about feeling sad and depressed. Maybe there are old wounds and scars from childhood. Maybe life seems overwhelming and pointless for some reason. Whatever the cause, life can seem so empty. It can seem hopeless with a feeling that one is doomed to a life of despair and misery.

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How to fix brokenness?

Believing God is real and trusting God to intervene in your life is one life-changing step to take. God is real. You can trust God. If you struggle to believe and trust God, it might be helpful to ask yourself and reflect on why you don’t believe or trust Him. Is there an issue from childhood getting in the way? Do you have a hard time trusting in general? Or, have you lost faith in anything good and end up doubting God? There can be many roadblocks to belief and trust.

Give God a chance.

You can start by trying to consider the possibility God is real. It may take time, but don’t give up. Try praying to God. Perhaps ask God to help you believe in Him. Give it some time. Prayer is a way to talk to God. Don’t worry about making a perfect prayer. Talk to God about your doubts, fears or past hurts. It’s important to start somewhere. God is very understanding. He wants to hear from you and is very patient. God can help heal your brokenness. There may be doubters, but don’t let them get in the way of your healing. One prayer at a time. One day at a time. Eventually, you will find meaningful purpose in your life.

There are many resources on this website that can help you on your life journey. Take some time to search this site, and I’m confident you will find something hopeful and inspiring.


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How Do I Repair Brokenness?