Living by God’s Grace – Tracey’s Story

On 3/13/13, I lost my job at a law firm after 12 years of service. I was shocked, hurt, & depressed that after all that time, I was let go without a word. I instantly became worried about bills; I had just purchased a car. It was a time of very high anxiety. I had never not worked in my life, so suddenly I felt useless. If I wasn’t working, what good was I?  I managed to live off my 401K for exactly one year.

My mortgage matured in May of 2015. I frantically tried all avenues of refinancing, but with no income, no one would take me. I eventually arranged to get public service for food stamps. My only other income was/is the SSI my adult son receives monthly. There was no way it could cover my mortgage payment and living expenses.

After nearly making myself physically ill with worry, I finally dropped to my knees & told God I couldn’t take it anymore. I spent day & night worrying. I couldn’t eat and could only sleep due to anxiety meds. May 1, 2015, was quickly approaching. I left it at God’s feet for that was all I could do.

On April 13, 2015, I received a letter from my mortgage company stating that I could continue to live in my home, maintain it and the taxes!!! I couldn’t believe it! I held the letter for 2 weeks before sharing the news because I’d never had such a miracle occur in my life. At church, I stood before the congregation & testified how great God is/was to me. Everyone cheered and praised God! It was wonderful.

I don’t know what will happen in the future; that is not mine to know. But each day I live in this house, I’m blessed tremendously. No one has ever heard of such a thing happening, but it is nothing but God’s work.

I don’t know what my Special Assignment from God is at this time, but I do know God wanted my full-on attention, and he GOT IT! After multiple job interviews w/no results, I’m finally realizing that God is guiding my steps and I need to realize I’m not in control – He is!!! If this is the period in time that he wants me to rest and trust in Him only, I’m there.

My word to others: Stay faithful, prayerful and humble. God is always with you!

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Living by God’s Grace – Tracey’s Story