Living With A Serious Illness – Dave’s Story

In 2009, after months of tests and various types of studies, I was sent to the Mayo Clinic for a second opinion.  Mayo confirmed my greatest fear: a progressive and untreatable lung disease. I was told that I had 30-40% lung capacity left. My wife and I were sent home with a long list of drugs for me to take and instructions to follow up with my local health care providers. No hope was given.

My life was forever changed as well as that of my family and friends.  I knew I had to be strong when I phoned my 18-year-old daughter back home to tell her the shocking news. On the flight home, I listened to a song by Michael W. Smith, “You Are the Air I Breathe.”  This song took on new meaning to me as I recognized if God didn’t heal me, I was embarking on a journey that would be the end of my life.

I knew I had to come to terms with my situation.  I had great faith in my God, but I wondered if I had done something to cause this to happen to me.  Had I not always honored God and deserved the circumstance I now found myself in?  I asked God for forgiveness and wanted to somehow reach out to anyone I had ever said or done things to, that may have caused offense. Life had become very fragile to me. I realized that part of the process of healing is seeing how God softens your heart to make you aware of who you really are.

Through the emotional turmoil, I struggled with questions like:
1. Why did this happen to me?
2. Why did God allow this to happen?
3. Will I be healed, or is this unto death?

During this emotional processing, my lung condition stabilized.  I was holding steady at 30-40% capacity and began to see God’s hand change me and motivate me to see how I could help others. God revealed to me that by serving others through Him, I would be renewed. I discovered that I had a Special Assignment to fulfill, regardless of how long I lived.

I found myself embracing my life’s situation.  I believed in my spirit and in the Word of God that this illness was not unto death.  I began to view this situation as a very private and personal “dance with God.” I can honestly say now, “It is well with my soul.”

Story submitted by Dave, from Michigan.


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Living With A Serious Illness – Dave’s Story