Searching for Significance

Have you ever found yourself in a large crowd or someplace where there are lots of people, yet you felt so alone or out of place? Maybe it’s been hard to find a place where you feel you truly belong. Sometimes a person reaches a point in their life where they feel insignificant. Insignificance happens to many people. To me, insignificance means feeling unimportant, useless even anonymous. Maybe a person feels unloved or worthless and can’t figure out their sense of purpose or meaning in life. Life seems to lack a sense of direction. When this happens, it’s pretty easy to feel depressed, and sometimes even despair and hopelessness can set in.

How do you find significance?

Unknown ObjectTo feel a true sense of significance you have to find a purpose and meaning to your life. Many search for meaning and relevance through social status, materialism or by other means, only to find themselves at some point feeling empty and without a real purpose in life. Maybe you have given everything you had for some relationship just to be let down and hurt. It can be hard to trust people, even after they promise to be in your life forever. So now what?

Believing in God

If you believe and trust God, your life will have meaning and purpose. This is how you can find lasting significance. It’s often said among Christians that God has a plan for your life. If this is true, then He has a personal plan for your life. That’s good news because no matter what road you have traveled in life – through good times and bad – God loves you and wants you to find meaning to your life.

Give God a chance to work in your life. By trusting and listening to Him, you will engage in a powerful life journey. This will include the opportunity to help others in need. When you help others, you’ll feel better about yourself. Remember that no matter where your life journey has taken you so far, God has a plan for you when you are ready to follow it.

Many resources on this site will help you on your life journey. We encourage you to spend time looking around and finding what will be helpful to you.


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Searching for Significance