The “D” Word: Death


Have you ever wondered when you’re going to die? This can be a touchy subject to talk about and maybe it’s easier to avoid and not think about it. Yet, we can’t escape the fact we are not going to live forever. Death is a part of life. We aren’t supposed to live forever.

Sometimes the fear of death is related to the how. Most people hope they will just go to sleep and never wake up. Many of us have known people who have suffered before dying and we hope that’s not going to happen to us. Maybe there’s the concern of leaving loved ones behind or the fear of not being ready to face death. We all have had these fears to some level.

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How we cope with our inevitable death is impacted by what we believe happens to us after we die. If you believe in the afterlife, and especially, a positive view of the afterlife like going to heaven, then dealing with death anxiety can be a lot easier. Death can be something to look forward to when the time comes. The Bible talks about heaven, so if you believe in God because He is real, then you can be comforted in knowing that heaven is a real place.

Maybe one of the best ways to cope with eventual death is to live your life with purpose and meaning. In my view, this means that no matter what you are going through in life, we should try to help others. Helping others, with no strings attached or conditions, may be the key way to represent God’s kingdom on earth. This may be hard to do. After all, we’re only human, and we all have issues to deal with. Life is not meant to be easy. It is through life’s challenges that we can become more mature and stronger.



So, if you are feeling down about anything, you’re not alone. But keep in mind, God has a place for you in this life, and the next.

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The “D” Word: Death