Walking Through the Desert – Donna’s Story

“You have a brain tumor, and it is cancer. I suspect it has metastasized.”  – Emergency Room Physician

Thinking I was having a stroke, my husband took me to an off-site emergency room. We were not prepared for the diagnosis: NonHodgkin’s Lymphoma B cell. To say that we were terrified would be an understatement! Suddenly I was thrown into a world of medical terminology I knew nothing about.  A myriad of tests and brain surgery followed. Thankfully, cancer had not spread, and the surgeon was able to get most of the tumor.  Praise God for that!  The rest was eradicated by chemo treatments.

When I think back,  I choose not to fill my mind with the weeks of grueling chemo but to concentrate on the Holy Spirit and what He did for me.

One day God sent a nurse from Sudan to my room whose name was Peter. He told us the story of how he and several people including family members were fleeing harm by trekking through the desert. As a little boy, he carried a container of water on his back. The container of water was soon emptied.  In the heat, he collapsed. When he woke up, it was raining, and the container had water again. Peter was one of the few who survived the grueling journey. He told me that the God who was with him in the desert is the same God who would be with me and get me through this trial.

One day a nurse was escorting me for an MRI. I sat up on the gurney, and the Holy Spirit spoke these words to me as I pointed my finger, “I shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord.”  At this time I did not know this was a scripture found in Psalm 119:17. The Holy Spirit used me to prophesy God’s Word over myself. This is a promise He gave to me, and I cling to it.

Through my walk through the desert, God has done just as the Holy Spirit spoke to me.  I am cancer free! God has healed me. He gets all of the glory and praise.  God has been surfacing people for me to share with.  I now had a platform to share the goodness of God, and He has given me the boldness to share my testimony.

One of my favorite scriptures is, “Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in Him, for He shields him all day long, and the one the Lord loves rests between His shoulders” Deuteronomy 33:12a.  That is where I have been, and that is where I want to stay.

Whatever trial you may be in, God will not fail you! I know this to be true. 

Story submitted by Donna, from Michigan.


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Walking Through the Desert – Donna’s Story