Why is This Happening to Me?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you asked the question; why is this happening to me? I think we’ve all asked this question probably several times in our life. Sometimes we have to deal with a tough medical situation or experience the loss of a loved one. Maybe there’s some stress in life that causes depression or anxiety?

So if you find yourself in a tough situation and are asking the question, I realize it can be hard to figure out why a struggle is happening, but you can be assured no matter what you are going through, God knows your struggles. If you believe God is real and believe there is a purpose to everything that happens to you in your life, then the conflict you are going through also has a role. It can take time to understand and figure out the reason, but it can also be reassuring to know God does have a design for us and has not forgotten us.

Sometimes a life struggle can shake our faith and we question whether God truly cares for us. I think God understands this dynamic and we no longer need to guilt ourselves. We aren’t perfect and don’t need to feel ashamed when we are feeling down. It is important however to refocus our faith, and trust God has a plan for us. This can help us through the rough times. So, if you are feeling down about something, don’t give up believing and trusting God. You will learn something about yourself and have the ability to take what you have learned to help others. I try to remind myself that for every crisis, there’s also an opportunity for something good to happen. It’s usually not clear at the time of the crisis what the good will be, but it always turns out to be true. Only God can make miracles out of chaos and disorder, or turn a test into a testimony. This has always been reassuring to me.

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Why is This Happening to Me?